A Report on the National Conference

A Report on the National Conference

A REPORT on the National Conference and the Annual General Body Meeting of DBHEI-IUS South Asia on the theme of “ Creating an ideal Campus Culture for all Salesian Higher Education Institutions, in South Asia

From 14th to 16th of November, 2014, at Don Bosco Provincial House, Hyderabad.

In the morning of 14th November, at 7am Fr Maria Charles DBYA-SA, Delegate for Education and Culture presided over the Eucharistic celebration and preached the homily, quoting examples from the Life of Don Bosco and introducing the Salesian Youth Ministry Manual and our role in following it in our settings. After the Eucharist, breakfast and registration followed. At the end of the registration there were 39 delegates from 26 institutions from all the 11 Indian Provinces. Of the 39 delegates, there were TEN lay persons, of whom two were Principals.

At 9.15am the Inaugural Session began. Fr Daniel Ambrose, the Vice Principal of Don Bosco College, Dharmapuri coordinated the day’s programmes. Fr Vatti Balashow Reddy, the local organizer and the Provincial Coordinator of Higher Education of the Hyderabad Province presided over the session. In the absence of the Provincial and the Vice Provincial of Hyderabad Province, the Economer Rev. Fr Sojan Puduserry, was present to give a message and to welcome all to the Province. He was available all the three days to look after our varied needs. Fr Maria Charles, the Delegate for DBYA-SA, gave his message. Fr Maria Soosai welcomed the gathering and gave an introductory note for the three days’ programme. The speakers were felicitated.

The morning session began with an introduction of the speaker, Dr N.V.S.N .Lakshmi, Head, Dept of H& SS, JNTUH College of Engineering, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, by Fr Amaladass, the Provincial Coordinator of Tiruchy Province. She spoke on the status of English language in technical education field. As a person involved in the English language teaching, she was able to share with practical knowledge in the field. At the end of her presentation she was honoured with a shawl and a memento

After the break, at the forenoon session at 11am, Fr C M Varghese, the Principal of Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur, INM Province, presided over the session and introduced the next speaker Dr Devanesan, the Principal of Don Bosco College, Keel Eral, Province of Tiruchy, who presented his ideas on the theme of Salesian Campus Culture. The session was comprehensive and laid a good foundation for discussions to follow on the following days.

In the afternoon session at 2.30pm, Dr Devanesan was given some more time to wind up his session, as it was incomplete during the forenoon session. After that, the participants were asked to introduce each other, with name, designation and institution they represent, with one or two positive points about their institution and some negative points they face in their institution. It was a useful session, as there were many new members present.

In the evening at 6pm, we continued with the presentations. The following members gave their presentations: Fr Maria Soosai, on the Status of Higher education, from the Salesian Youth Ministry Manual- Frame of Reference. Fr Joseph Nallanatt , representing the Assam Don Bosco University, gave a presentation on the Graduate Attributes as practiced in the University, Fr Daniel Ambrose about the Job Fair and training towards employability as in Don Bosco College, Dharmapuri, Fr Joseph Cherian of Dimapur Province about activities in their colleges, Fr Joby Joseph about St Antony’s College Shillong, and Fr Thaddeus about their plan to introduce on the lines of Liberal Education in Don Bosco College, Yelagiri Hills, Tamil Nadu, Fr Mathew Pulingathil of Sonada and Siliguri colleges, Fr Antony Raj of Sacred Heart College, Dr Raju George of Panjim Don Bosco College ,Fr Dominic Savio of Lenson Polytechnic College, Kuthankuzhi, Tiruchy province and a few others presented their best practices as means of Creating Salesian Campus Culture. The session came to a close with a short evening prayer prepared by Fr Daniel Ambrose and team.

In the evening the executive members met and assessed the mode of the events of the day and of the next day. It proposed a general Body Meeting before the final one, since there was a need to clarify some issues related to the revision of statutes and approval of the office bearers.

On 15th morning Fr Cyril De Souza, of the Province of Mumbai presided over the Eucharist and preached the Homily. Fr Joby Joseph, the Vice Principal of St Antony’s College, Shillong, coordinated the second day’s programmes.

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