• Ensure an on-going and deep reflection on the identity and mission of the Salesian presence in the field of higher education
  • Ensure in each institution an on-going process of reflection and evaluation of the criteria, mechanisms of management of academic structures to be innovative and consistent with the educational and pastoral purpose that characterizes the identity and mission of each DB-HEI institution
  • Guarantee in each institution an active salesian presence, both quantitative and qualitative, made up of religious and lay collaborators, capable of directing and animating a project at cultural, scientific, academic and pastoral level
  • Ensure the institutional strength of each DB-HEI institution and the quality of its educational programmes so that it stays relevant to the integral formation of the young and to the ever changing needs of society
  • Ensure an efficient economical and financial management of each DB-HEI institution to promote sustainable self-reliance while at the same time paying special attention to underprivileged youth
  • Guarantee the quality formation of its students within a university model inspired by the principles of the preventive system of Don Bosco ensuring their personal and professional growth, and their formation to be committed and productive citizens of the country
  • Promote a social and cultural impact through academic activity in every DB-HEI institution. It shall strive to contribute to better understanding of the social situation and its transformation through study and research. In this endeavour, it shall concentrate especially on those aspects that concern the living conditions of the young and care for the marginalised
  • Continue to work on strengthening the DB-HEI network and the development of synergy between the DB-HEI institutions and other such institutions within the larger society through active involvement and participation
  • Continue to work consistently on strengthening the DB-HEI network through the structures of government of the Provinces
  • Explore and implement training cum practice projects towards employability skills and generation of fund for the same through different agencies
  • Promote research, publication and extension activities in each of DB-HEI institution through generation of funds from state, national and international groups